Privacy policy

For the security of the information at this address, and to ensure that this service is accessible to all users, the FIMA Plus Ltd. uses software that monitors network visits and provides protection against unauthorized use or modification of data. However, each user of these websites is exposed to a certain degree of risk that unauthorized persons or applications may circumvent security measures, in which case FIMA Plus Ltd. shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, immaterial or material damages, losses or expenses.

When registering on the site, FIMA Plus Ltd. collects users personal information such as first name, last name, address, TIN, company name, phone number, e-mail address, ID card copies. This information will be used for the contacting purposes and authentication. User records will not be made available to third parties. Communication or materials you provide, such as questions, comments, suggestions, etc. will not be considered confidential.

If you share with us another person’s personal information, you must have the prior consent of that person. In this case, you must inform these persons how we handle personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

At your request, the information can be updated, corrected or deleted through the user interface after login on the site, and you can also claim this right by contacting [email protected].

Sending messages via e-mail

Sending messages via e-mail with personally identifiable information can be unsafe and subject to unauthorized access by third parties or mis-delivery. FIMA Plus Ltd. is not responsible for the security and privacy of such messages, while retaining the right to reproduce, use and distribute them to third parties without restriction.

Other information we collect when you make a transaction on our site

You must be logged in to use our cryptocurrency (transaction) buying or selling services. If you forget to provide the requested information, a red line will be indicated below the field in which the information is requested to be processed to process the transaction. Without this information, we cannot process your transaction, and the additional information we request is:

Digital Account Information (required for buying service) – The cryptocurrency wallet address

Bank Account Information (Required for Sales Service) – Bank Account Number (IBAN)

Other Information – Data that you agree to share with us voluntarily using our site, app or similar activities

What is the defined purpose and legal basis

The information sent is the legal basis on which we base the appropriate processing.
When contacting us for information or to object, FIMA Plus Ltd. saves shared information. For example, the reason for contacting you is to cancel a transaction or receive information about it.

Cookie information

Definition of cookies and what cookies we use.

To make your visit on our site and app as attractive as possible and to allow some features to be used, we use cookies on different pages. Cookies are small text files stored on your devices. Some of the cookies we use are deleted after the browser session has expired, that is, after your browser has been closed (Session cookies). Other cookies remain on your devices and allow us or authorized third parties to recognize your browser the next time you visit (Permanent cookies). You can set up your browser to be informed of the cookie settings and to decide for yourself whether to accept them or to turn off cookies for certain situations in general.

You can also exclude non-essential cookies at the bottom of our page in Cookie Settings.

Types of cookies

Necessary cookies are required because they allow you to navigate through the website or application and when using their features. Without these cookies, functionality cannot be guaranteed, such as steps when visiting a page (e.g. entering text) or even navigating between pages.

Functional cookies allow a website or application to store information that has already been typed before (such as username, choice of language or location) and to enhance the user’s ability to offer personal details. These cookies collect anonymous information and cannot follow these steps on other websites.

Performance cookies collect information about the use of the web or application – e.g. Which pages does the visitor visit most often, and whether they receive error messages from the page. These cookies do not store user identification information. The information collected is summarized (grouped) and anonymous. These cookies are used solely to enhance the site’s performance and thus the user experience.

Cookies for marketing purposes are used for the purpose of targeted advertising important to the user and tailored to his interests. They are used to limit ad frequency and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They record your visit to the page / app. This information may be shared with third parties (e.g., advertisers). In order to improve targeting and advertising, cookies are often associated with third-party functionality.

The right to make changes

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy in accordance with legal provisions. We will definitely notify you of any important changes, such as changes of purpose or new processing purposes.

Last update: 15/01/2020.