Croatia Launches First Physical Cryptocurrency POS Cash Register

Croatia is about witness its first crypto gateway product, which is fully regulated and compliant with local rules, the Adeo POS Cash Register. It is the very first Croatian crypto box checkout on the entire market. The new payment solution has been developed by Milan Horvat, a financial expert who also manages one of Croatia oldest brokerage platforms. The launch of the Adeo POS is handled by Fima Plus, which is managed by Fima Pay and occurs almost simultaneously with the new PSD2 Directive that should allow the Balcanic country to develop internal fintech services.

Adeo POS has been developed with Zagreb-based company Neoinfo which, according to Mr. Horvat, was the first firm to understand the potential of the new crypto product.

After collaborating on the implementation of Fima Pay, the companies decided to extend their partnership in a fully operational crypto checkout product. According to Igor Vuukmirović, director of Neoinfo, the Adeo POS systems are already being used by more than 1700 users. However, not every user has already used the service, as crypto payments must be dealt separately inside the same platform. The partnership has managed to add on the Adeo POS payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. In other words, merchants who receive a crypto payment via the Adeo POS will receive kunas, Croatian national currency, directly in their account.

Fima Pay is also planning to expand such services to any other firm that recognizes the importance of digital assets and process transformation. (Positive)

HTC Smartphone Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash

On September 16, announced a partnership with Taiwanese telecommunications manufacturer HTC to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its flagship smartphones. announced that it and HTC would begin a long-term partnership wherein the HTC Exodus 1 will provide built-in wallet support for Bitcoin Cash. states that the phone supports BCH without having to download a BCH wallet from an app store. Current users will need to perform an update of their software to receive a wallet.

Earlier this year, tech-focused news daily TechCrunch reported that HTC’s share of the mobile phone market had all but evaporated. Forbes reported that the firm held a meager 1% market share in 2018. 

However, in 2019 the company has become increasingly involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces. HTC has added various forms of cryptocurrency operability to its devices, having introduced in-wallet ERC-20 token swaps on the Exodus 1 phone in May. That same month, the company announced that the Exodus 1S would contain Bitcoin (BTC) full node capabilities. The firm has also invested in and partnered with various blockchain-oriented companies. (Positive)

Harbor Tokenizes $100 Million in Real Estate Funds on Ethereum Blockchain

The startup Harbor announced a partnership with Seattle-based real estate investment firm iCap Equity to tokenize $100 million in real estate funds.

On Sept. 16, Harbor announced in a blog post that iCap Equity is using Harbor’s blockchain-enabled platform to improve its liquidity in four of its real estate funds which manages over $100 million in assets.

Harbor created the tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which represent portions of the funds. The partnership between the two companies will allow iCap Equity’s investors and placement agents to buy and sell iCap securities with one another.

Tokenization of the funds will purportedly improve liquidity for real estate investors. Chris Christensen, iCap Equity CEO added:

“iCap provides high-yield investment opportunities for investors, but those investments typically come with a 3 to 5 year lock-up period because they are based in real estate. Now, with Harbor, we are able to provide the same strong returns, but also an option for investors to more easily liquidate if desired.” (Positive)

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