Exodus wallet

Exodus wallet

1. Download Exodus digital wallet from the official web page www.exodus.io

2. Launch previously downloaded file to install Exodus. After completion of installation, a pop-up will appear signaling that Exodus wallet has been successfully installed. (Click OK).

3. Run Exodus and you will see that the first step in order to get started is to deposit assets to your wallet.

4. On the left side of the application, click on “Wallet” and select the coin/token you want to store. After that you will have two options:
a. “send” – option to send cryptocurrency to another wallet address
b. “receive” – Exodus will display the cryptocurrency deposit address

Select “receive” and copy the cryptocurrency deposit address.

5. When buying cryptocurrency (such as ETH) via our FIMA Plus platform, paste the previously copied deposit address to receive and store cryptocurrency on your wallet.

6. After Exodus receives your first deposit, choose “Backup” to continue creating you Exodus wallet account. Enter a strong password which will be used every time you will log in into Exodus.

7. After you have set a password, Exodus will automatically generate 12 words that will serve as a way to regain access to your Exodus wallet. For example, this could happen if your computer gets corrupted and you would like to open Exodus on a new device. Print these 12 words on multiple papers and save them on different locations for better security.

8. Finally, exit the Exodus wallet application and restart it. Exodus will ask you for the password you have previously set up. After you successfully log in, you will se the portfolio interface.

Remark: FIMA Plus d.o.o. is not in cooperation with “X” company and we do not promote their services, but we use their product as an example. The Exodus Wallet is selected based on the simplicity and convenience of installation and application itself for beginner users.