Blockchain wallet wallet

1. Open the webpage on the following link, and click “GET A FREE WALLET” button located in the upper right corner.

2. Fill out the blank spaces (your email and password) and press that you agree with the Terms of use. Click ‘’continue’’ and end the registration by verifying your email.

3. To receive one of the offered cryptocurrencies (BTC/ETH/BCH), press ‘’REQUEST’’ in the the upper part of the page.

4. Select the cryptocurrencie you want to receive.

5. After your address is generated, you can use it in this case to receive ether (ETH).

6. To send previously received ether (ETH), press ‘’SEND’’. Choose ether as the currency you want to send. Enter the deposit address and the amount. of ether you want to send.

7. To increase your wallet security, press “SECURITY CENTER”, located on the left margin of the Blockchain account.

8. Afterwards, new menu will open where you will be able to choose among several options how to protect your wallet. We recommend that you use more options, but be sure to do the Backup Recovery Phrase, which means that you print out 12 randomly generated words on two pieces of paper and stored them on two safe and separate locations.