Crypto Gift Card

Surprise your loved ones with an unusual and original gift! You can do that with a gift card that can be replaced for one of the 10 cryptocurrencies from FIMA Plus Exchange offer!

Why does FIMA Plus Crypto Gift Card represent the perfect way to gift someone?

  • Be original and leave impression
  • Invest in the future
  • Intrigue with new technologies

Get Crypto Gift Card in three simple steps:

a) Fill out the form “Crypto Gift Card” located below. With all the required information, at the end of the form, you can add your own name, recipient’s name and a personal message to the recipient of the gift card. Once you fill out the form, you will receive payment instructions on your email.

b) When the payment is confirmed on our bank account, we will send the gift card to the e-mail address you provided in the form.

c) In order to activate the gift card, the recipient must contact FIMA Plus via email address [email protected] or by phone 042 660 979. Activation requires the following information: gift card code, cryptocurrency amount on gift card and the wallet address to which we are sending the cryptocurrency. (gift card must be activated no later than 3 months from the date of purchase)

Crypto Gift Card

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