Daily Crypto News 13.05.2019.

HTC Releases Smartphone with Bitcoin Full Node Capabilities

Taiwanese electronics company, HTC, announced on May 11, that it will be releasing a new smartphone, The EXODUS 1s, that will have full node capabilities for the Bitcoin blockchain. It means users will be able to verify transactions through their device.

Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC, has said they wanted to build something on top of the Bitcoin architecture. “We want to do something more on the software side. How do we contribute more to secure the network?”

Device is planned to be launched by Q3, and while the exact price has not yet been finalized, the price is expected to range between $250-$300.

The EXODUS 1s will be the first smartphone to ever to have full node capabilities. Phil Chen noted, “We gave users the ability to own their own keys, and now we’ve gone one step further to allow users to run their own full node. We are democratizing access to the technology for a free world.” (Positive)

eBay, The US-Based e-Commerce, Is Rumored to Start Accepting Crypto Payments

eBay, the US-based e-commerce behemoth, after seriously considering to add Bitcoin in December 2017 is rumored to make a foray into crypto after its Consensus ads recently leaked online. If eBay does open arms for crypto payments, it could be a boon for adoption.

Will eBay venture into crypto?  

You can find all types of crypto-related goods on eBay – from random items with the Bitcoin logo to mining hardware and the actual ‘Virtual currency’ section whether you can buy/sell crypto p2p.

However, the fact that eBay is a sponsor of Consensus, the biggest event in the crypto industry makes many believe that it could eventually make such a significant step as accepting crypto payments.

One should also keep in mind that eBay executive Sanja Kon joined crypto payment startup UTRUST last year, which could also be indicative of eBay’s crypto ambitions.  

Back in December, eBay’s senior vice president Scott Cutler revealed that the company was considering cryptocurrencies as an additional payment option, but they weren’t quite there yet.  (Positive)

U.S. House Launches new FinTech Task Force

The U.S. House of Representatives has established a new task force that will look into fintech technology, with including interests in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Task force members will be advocates Warren Davidson, Tom Emmer and Josh Gottheimer, all of whom signed the letter to the Internal Revenue Service calling for clarity on crypto tax regulation.

Moreover, Davidson has twice introduced the Token Taxonomy Act to Congress in an attempt to exempt cryptocurrencies from securities law. Gottheimer co-sponsored the reintroduced act last month.

Gottheimer commented joining the task force, “As blockchain, new lending options, and other financial technologies continue to emerge, it is clear that there must be a framework in place that not only provides a much clearer path forward for innovation, but also establishes the United States as a leading force in this space.” (Neutral)

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